Bank-wide Risk Management

Ever since the financial and sovereign debt crisis, the financial industry has been subject to constant change. The large number of economic and regulatory challenges means that the banks are faced with the increasingly difficult task of aligning their business models in an optimal way.

In order to successfully manage the key areas of income, risk, liquidity and capital, under constantly changing general conditions, it is necessary to continuously review and adjust the risk management process. In the course of this, institutions can only achieve long-term success if they correctly interpret, within the overall context, the different and sometimes mutually opposing performance indicators. The aim has to be to draw the right conclusions that are relevant for institutions. For your institution, too.

SKS Advisory

For many years now, SKS Advisory has had expertise in the implementation of regulatory requirements as well as extensive knowledge in the areas of income control, risk management and process management. Our integrated approach combines all the main topic areas with respect to bank-wide risk management and makes it possible to develop tailor-made customer solutions from a single source.

Our fields of expertise:

  • The integration of regulatory requirements from the CRD IV/CRR and the taking into account of regulatory interaction in the existing risk management cycle
  • The implementation of proactive liquidity management by incorporating the required monitoring indicators (monitoring tools)
  • Analysis of and adjustments to the existing risk management processes with respect to the current minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk)
  • The introduction of a system for hybrid monitoring of regulatory and economic capital on the basis of pricing

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