The mission statement of the SKS Group is based not only on the principles of the financial markets, but  also grounded on values arising from our corporate culture of sustained business relationships.
We have partnered our clients for more than 15 years through ever-changing financial markets. Our experience and know-how, based on our mission of long-term cooperative support, guarantee optimized processes and minimized risks. We not only understand the markets; we also understand you!


To us, partnership means joining forces with excellent companies.Uniting companies, managers and specialists in one team.



We demand and expect active cooperation and a willingness to help from all group companies, managers and employees -- even when nothing immediately apparent is given in exchange.




We approach challenges with a fundamentally positive attitude. When things don't feel quite right in working or dealing with each other, we immediately bring this to the attention of the parties involved.




Everyone in our group takes responsibility for their actions. Yet responsibility is predicated on the freedom to appreciate and develop such responsibility. Our management culture foregoes rigid hierarchies and seeks to purposefully create this kind of freedom. But to us, responsibility in a partnership means that every partner does their part to contribute to the overall performance and success of the group.




We can only improve within an open feedback and error culture. A culture of complaining takes the fun out of work and in turn damages the group. We demand active suggestions for improvement and provide the same in return. In a culture like ours, a high degree of respect for the performance and character others is essential. A strong corporate image is vital to our business.


A strong corporate image is vital to our business. To us, entrepreneurship means the willingness to take responsibility and bear entrepreneurial risks in particular.

A true entrepreneur thinks unconventionally, takes risks responsibly and has the unconditional will to steer their ideas toward success. They possess the flexibility in thought and will it takes to conceive and realize something new. To do so, entrepreneurs need the freedom to act and make decisions independently.


By operative excellence we don’t mean mere compliance with industry standards such as ISO, ITIL or CMML. To us, excellence is when our customers say, “wow”. To accomplish that, it takes a sharp mind, the openness to listen, examine things closely and exactly as well as the curiosity and passion to understand things from the ground up.

Above all, it takes the willingness to leverage the know-how of others within a team. We measure our operative success by the success of our customers. When we weigh our interests against the interests of our customers, the customer always comes first.


Fairness has depreciated in value as an entrepreneurial attribute in recent decades. We are committed to a culture of fairness in dealing with our colleagues, clients, investors and environment.

To us, fairness toward our colleagues means communicating with each other openly and as equals, creating transparent structures and processes, and sharing success commensurate with performance. We value cultural diversity and forgive mistakes.


To us, treating our customers fairly means acting in service of and on behalf of our customers. We value a transparent and cost-effective approach to service. What matters to us is what’s best for the customer. If we’re not convinced that our services can contribute to a customer’s success, we communicate that.

To us, fairness toward our owners means using resources efficiently and economically as well as being committed to the goal of continually and sustainably increasing the value of the company. We aim to grow more rapidly than the market and gain market share sustainability.

One Firm

In spite of the diverse origins and corporate histories of our various group companies, we constitute a “one-firm” partnership. We share and live our common fundamental values, form a single united front, and use the same core systems and support processes. Within the framework of our common values, the each group company’s managing director runs their business like an independent entrepreneur, encouraging entrepreneurship among their employees and respecting the cultural characteristics of their respective region.