The finance and insurance sector faces regulatory and sometimes procedural requirements for which SKS Advisory develops, delivers and implements strategic solutions. With this mission, we  advise, partner and consult with our clients on an ongoing basis.

Regulatory Advisory

From A like “Auslandsstatus” to Z like “Zinsstatistik”. 
Based on our unique range of experience and employee capabilities, SKS Advisory possesses excellent know-how in all aspects of regulatory reporting. 

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Risk Advisory

Analysis. Evaluation. Guidance. Monitoring.
As part of our overall bank management, we provide risk management strategies for the “Big Four” in risk management: credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk and operational risk.

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Strategic Advisory

Our response to regulatory requirements.
Like no other, the financial sector faces reward and efficiency penalties due to normative laws. These can impact entire process chains.

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IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Advisory

Compliant. Efficient. Modular.  
At SKS Advisory, we rely on our deep knowledge of the financial industry and our extensive experience in IT auditing and IT compliance consulting to implement both internal and external requirements.

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