Process Optimisation in Reporting

The comprehensive revision of regulatory reporting and the introduction of new reporting areas by the CRR in 2014 made it necessary to make additional resources available for the processing of regulatory reporting. The introduction of AnaCredit and the extended requirements of the securities investment statistics for SSM institutions are other reflections of the trend towards further encumbrances. The reporting of granular data in particular is a special feature of AnaCredit and the statistics on securities investments. If individual attributes are not available, the Bundesbank can immediately recognise this. If corrections are made to the individual reports, there are potential deviations from other reports. These may be noticed by the supervisory authorities through the published validation rules regarding CRR and FINREP.

True data quality means lower expenditure - and this is feasible!  

Our experience shows that focusing on improving data quality is a key factor that is pertinent to curbing additional expenditure in the reporting system. Here, we precisely analyse the report generation processes and we define quality targets for both data and reports. In this way we are able to significantly reduce the costs per report and, at least partially, compensate for the extra expense of additional or extended reporting. Furthermore, we review the activities that are involved in report generation and we identify what has evolved organically over the course of years and evaluate its contribution to target achievement. Experience has shown that here, too, there is latent potential, which can be identified externally by a qualified professional and then realised.

Your Advantages:

  • We carry out an 'as is' analysis and we identify starting points for optimisation.
  • Our wide-ranging expert knowledge facilitates the additional involvement of SKS specialists for specific reporting areas and special topics.
  • You will benefit from our best practice approach, which has been developed on the basis of several reference projects.

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SKS stands for expertise in the area of business process management combined with long-standing experience in providing consulting services to financial institutions as well as in-depth knowledge of the subject matter in the area of regulatory reporting.